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Co- Curricular Activities
Co-curricular activities are not decorative frills or window dressing. They are the part and parcel of school curriculum. When pupils participate in these activities under the guidance of teachers (which is an integral part of a public school education) they learn new lesson in responsibility, in planning, in directing their own enterprise, in exercising initiative and freedom in self evaluation, beside inculcating in themselves sportsman sprit which is essential in the development of personality. Theses activity makes the pupils good learners, good persons, good workers and good citizens.  
The school has following activity:

Academic activity - literary writing, creative writing, debating, recitation, story-telling, production of school magazine, subject clubs, audio-visual clubs, general knowledge club and quiz competitions in various subjects.

Cultural activity - dramatics, music, dance, drawing and painting, development of hobbies through hobby-clubs, fete, educational tours, exhibitions, group discussions etc.

Community and social activitsy- scouting and guiding, first-aid programmes, celebration of festivals, tree plantation etc. participation in these activities develops the qualities of co-operation, co-existence and spirit of healthy competition and sportsman spirit.

Physical activities- games, sports, athletics, mass-drill, P.T, gymnastics, excursions, marching, adventurous and exploratory activities etc.
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