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Educational approach
An effective educational programme is where we can give our young children the freedom to explore experience and learn at their own pace. In the process, they learn how to study, reason, think, innovate and create. It leads the child to the expression of comprehensive talents and abilities. Surprisingly, this essential concern has been marginalized due to our ritualistic and mechanical orientations. That is how the present education has become a source of stress, burden and tension. Ideally speaking the process of learning should give us spontaneous joy, relief, enlightenment, freedom and power. But unfortunately most schools remain stuck in the routine ways of learning. They avoid creative adventures. They don't try new approaches for effective learning.

We at city vocational public school are trying to create an environment for self inspired learning. We encourage the natural curiosity of children, guide them to explore and do not force them to conform to rules. We try to give them freedom of movements and choice of activities to pursue their creativity though this freedom is accompanied with responsibilities. This nurtures their innate passion for learning.It also helps them to discover their natural responses, desire, dreams, talents etc. They learn to appreciate their aspiration as well as apprehensions. They are initiated towards new adventures, new experiences, new experiments and their own new conclusions. Above all we teach them to be thinking beings. We teach them how to think rather than what to think. Students are encourage to explore and grasp the underlying concepts rather than learning by rote or having the age-old mechanical approach towards curriculum learning. Besides academics, cultural, emotional, social and moral aspects of a child's personality are also taken care of.

On the whole, the child is prepared for life and its challenges. He trains himself well in the art of self-learning. This art of learning on his own can prepare him for adapting to all situations in life and equipping himself for all the needs of this fast changing society. His multiple ability in all fields prepares him for the global competition he is going to face.
He become fully aware of his potential, his responsibilities, his strengths, his weaknesses, his needs-almost everything needed to combat the rapid changes in today's scenario


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